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Upland 24/7 Flood Rescue has over 10 years of experience dealing with fire sprinkler damage issues. When corrosion, malfunction or overheating occurs and the main water supply breaks, your home or business may be in trouble. Contact us immediately after spotting fire sprinkler damage and we will arrive on site within 30 minutes for a free damage assessment.

Prolonged water soaked wood accelerates the deteriorating and mildew growing process.

Possible Water damage results:
  • Uneven panels
  • Scratches from water erosion
  • Frayed ends
  • Corners receding
  • Baseboards releasing
  • Gaps between fibers
  • Exposed nails
How we restore:
  • Dehumidifying reduces swelling
  • Bacteria killing solutions
  • Eco Friendly
  • Non-abrasive cleaning agents
  • Temperature mold control
  • Check corners and seals
  • Assess all rooms, storage, closets

As water sticks around, it damages your floors and personal belongings making it harder to reverse the process as time goes on. Act fast and save your home from total ruin today!

Hidden water seeps to crawl spaces or cabinets
After fire sprinklers go off it’s hard to contain the water in one place. Our technicians can help your family from further damage by reviewing hidden dark areas that are ideal eco systems for leaks to sift through and mold to multiply.

Corrosion is your worst enemy
Be sure to check on fire sprinklers periodically to avoid damage in the future. Make sure the spouts are correctly turned and to rotate it counter clockwise to avoid it becoming stuck if it does go off accidentally. Also, check your main water supply to ensure no breaks or holes exist in the hose.

Call us so we can prevent higher replacement  installations that can create more allergies irritants besides mold and mildew growing. Call today! 909 296 1055


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