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Don’t get stranded up the toxic creek if there’s a toilet or septic tank reverse discharge back into your building. We will restore the damage and provide expert sewage damage cleanup services day or night. Attempting to paddle your way through the human stool or bodily fluid is considered bio hazardous material. Leave it to us, as we use strict safety enforced coverings to avoid diseases.

Don’t get stuck standing solo while the water whizzes fast around you!

Why act quickly:
  • Cross Contaminants breed
  • Bodily fluids
  • Fumes trigger immune attacks
  • Fast soiled fibers
  • Seeps through to other rooms
  • Pressure sent to other pipes
  • Broken tile or drywall
How we attack back
  • Use anti-bacterial cleaners
  • Environmental, Child and Pet Safe
  • Eliminate odors
  • Remove stool fluid soaked materials
  • Determine safety and cause
  • Wear sterile gear

We abide by strict health safety legally enforced regulations with removal and clean up.

We Cover Up Similarly like Medical Professionals
Safety standards during disaster recovery plans have become stricter due to the spread of infectious diseases. The medical industry covers up, scrubs and uses sterilized tools while knowing they may be exposed to bodily fluids. Our crew handling your waste material wears health safety coveralls and gloves.

Do not play amateur chemist or cleaner
While some may feel it would save them money attempting to mop up their family or friends’ excrements with household cleaners, inadequate designed gloves, or bacteria spreading sponges, in reality, they are putting themselves and others at more risk.  Chemical reactions may include poisonous gases and enclosed container explosions.

It isn’t meant to return to the body in any form of exposure
It is absolutely life-saving necessary to avoid any contact with sewer back up, sewer overflow or sewer spills. Leave your life in the hands of certified sanitizing specialists.  We’re members of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, IICRC, and continually take training to keep us up date on awareness of chemical or disease dangers, sewer line or structural material aging notifications.

Do not be pass out from the poisonous fumes, call us to handle the feces filled rooms. 


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